Thursday, June 29, 2017


OMG!!! It is definitely wakey wakey time people. Please watch the video below to the very end and note, when the question is posed as to who benefits from exposing Mankind to so much mercury, of course, it is those who control the medical system and seek to slowly poison and kill us. The caduceus symbol of the medical system is actually the staff of the demi-god MERCURY a/k/a Hermes. That serpent you see wrapping it's way around the staff is the "holy" serpent of the Jews (see Texe Marrs book for more info on this). This is the very same serpent that caused the fall of Mankind and brought us out of the Garden of Eden, moving us into the hellish nightmare in which we exist now, all through trickery and deceit and the lure of carnal pleasure. This is the very same serpent that some call Lucifer or Satan.

Once again I ask the question -- who do you think benefits from the sale of these mercury-filled light bulbs? Who do you think created them? No doubt, it is the very same Luciferian "tribe" (cult) that controls the medical system. THEY ARE JEWS.

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How Much Mercury is Emitted From Broken Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Bulbs?

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Just how much mercury is emitted from broken CFL bulbs?

This video not only shows you the answer, but provides you with shocking information from an experiment conducted by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Will your house become un-sellable if tested for mercury?

Will you inhale dangerous amounts of mercury vapor when a CFL bulb breaks in your house, even after it is cleaned up?

When a CFL bulb breaks, how far above legal limits will the mercury vapor in a room rise to?

To view the State of Main CFL study, visit this address:

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How Much Mercury Escapes From Broken CFL Light Bulbs?

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